Educational Improvement Tax Credit

The Calvary Baptist Christian Academy Scholarship program d/b/a the NW PA Christian Education Fund (CEF) is an approved EITC scholarship organization. The EITC is a state approved program designed to encourage local businesses to contribute towards the educational needs of their community. The state will provide a business tax credits between 75% and 90% on contributions made to an approved scholarship program. The Academy is a participating member of the CEF (

This is an exceptional opportunity for a business to invest in the development of their local community AND make a huge difference in the life of a child. Please contact Joe Waresak, Director of Development at (814) 573-9324 and/or visit the PA state EITC webpage at

Past business participants include:

  • Valesky's - Meadville, PA
  • National City Bank
  • Northwest Saving's Bank
  • PNC Bank
  • Hagan Business Machines of Meadville
  • Highmark Insurance

We greatly appreciate our business partners and their committment to the educational needs of their local community! Thank you!