CBCA Legacy Campaign

You can support us with our current fundraising programs or also to donate religious items to our academy.

CBCA Scrip Program

We have partnered with Valesky's Grocery Store to offer a fundraising program where your money counts twice. First, it goes towards groceries, and second, it goes towards the school fundraiser! Purchase your Valesky scrip dollars (click on highlighted words for list) directly from CBCA and then order additional scrip dollars right at Valesky's. With every purchase, a portion goes to the school. It really is that simple. Here is how easy it works.

Visit the school office to receive your CBCA-Valesky Scrip Card. Present the card every time you make a purchase at Valesky's. Add more scrip dollars right at the store between 9 AM and 3 PM M-F. Please allow 24 hours for your account to be credited additional dollars.

We also have numerous other vendors and stores from gas stations to fast-food restaurants. Please check out our list and see where you can have your money count twice! With a little planning and everyone's participation, we will hit our goal of $5,000 for this upcoming year! Thank you for your support of our school!

Coming this Fall: CBCA Scrip Store- Cash and Carry

We have been watching closely the top Scrip Vendors our families purchase. This fall we will offer a "cash and carry" Scrip store offering gift cards from our most popular vendors...Wendy's, Sheetz, Get Go (Giant Eagle), Burger King, etc... What does this mean? We will have "on hand" these gift cards...you receive the gift card the same day you make the purchase! Please let us know your favorite Scrip store!

Please complete our CBCA Scrip Commitment Form to assist us with our budget planning and future scrip store. Please email as an attachment to or drop it off at the school office. Thank you.