CBCA Legacy Campaign

The CBCA Legacy Campaign has a two-fold goal:
1) To effectively communicate the mission and vision of CBCA
2) To secure resources that enable maximum execution of the mission.

Our Legacy Campaign is coming to a close...please consider our 160 Legacy challenge: $160 for our families...each dollar represents a real family that attends our pre-school and Academy. Please consider a pledge today. Thank you!

*Please submit your pledge by May 15th, 2007 to CBCA, 543 Randolph Street, Meadville, PA 16335

We will accomplish this goal primarily through the relationships God has placed in our lives. It is our desire to build a legacy for Christ. We believe this will most readily be accomplished through a mission that focuses on equipping our children to know God, to love God and to serve God. We will continue to work alongside our parents and friends of CBCA to carry out this goal. It is our privilege to co-shepherd the hearts of our children. We extend our deepest appreciation to our family and friends that have contributed their time and resources towards our school and most importantly, its mission to raise the next generation of ambassadors for Christ.

Our second Annual Legacy Dinner took place on November 4th held again at the beautiful Campus of Allegheny College. This year's event took place in conjunction with our Heritage Weekend at The Academy. We were blessed again this year with good food and wonderful speakers that included our Pastor of Education-Kenn Orndorff, our school board chairman-Dave Hart, and our keynote speaker-Pastor Dave Maitland. Each speaker spoke from the heart as they presented the tremendous value associated with Christian education.

We gave praise to God for leading us to this point in time and shared a vision of focus as we further position ourselves to best achieve God's mission for the school. Development director, Joe Waresak went over the academy's Annual Report that also included information pertaining to last year's Legacy Campaign. Please click on the following link to review the full report.

CBCA Annual Report 2006 (please allow 1 minute for download)

The diagram below reflects the academy's budget needs for 2006-2007.

/files/Development Info/Budget Needs.gif

Legacy Campaign - Personal Stewardship Response involves the individual gifts from families and community supporters. Our development director will be meeting with CBCA donors through March of 2007 for this year's campaign. Please prayerfully consider your part in our 2006-2007 Legacy Campaign.

Christian education, at its core, is all about equipping the body of Christ to carry out God's mission--to make disciples of all people groups. It really comes down to a stewardship issue. Does God value Christian education? Please contact Joe Waresak, Director of Development at 814-724-6606 to discuss making a tax-deductible donation to our school.